Gastronomy: Best culinary experiences in Seville, Cordoba & Granada


Restaurante Oriza (In an old Aristocrat Palace) food quality+++


Maria Trifulca (situated in a tall tower by the River Guadalquivir –views-) food quality ++


El pesquero (situated inside the Old Market of Triana, one of the most traditional quarters of Seville, famous for its sailors and flamenco singers) food quality++


Asador Azafrán (Maybe one of the restaurants that serves the best food in town, although it is located in the outskirts and decoration is quite simple.The experience is the food and simple vaired type of clientele) food quality+++


Casa Robles (tipical andalusian) calidad+++


El espigon (tipical andallusian – not touristy)


Restaurante Eslava (tipical with locals)


Restaurante Becerrita (tipical with locals)


There are some really good option in Hotels around Seville:

Restaurante Maria Luisa en el Hotel Mercer *****GL (This one is becoming a must, it can be expensive but food is magnificent and the experience is very sspecial since the restaurante is located in old Renaissance-Baroque Aristocrat Palace Castellar: It’s been recently open, so is one of the latest additions to the list of culinary MUST)

Restaurante Los rincones del Marques ,located at the Palace Hotel of Villapanes. Exclusive, food is amazing and the place is quite special.

Lob by EME (you can´t beat its location, you could dine facing the Cathedral at the terraza del hotel, really something)

Hotel Alfonso XIII– a classic since the 1920´s. Arguably the most elegant hotel and restaurant in Seville that keeps that Belle Epoque atmosphere of romantic travelers that discover Andalusian in the 19th Century.




Restaurante famoso cerca de la mezquita.(donde van todos los famosos que vienen a Córdoba)

Restaurante Caballo rojoCalle Cardenal Herrero, 28, 14003 Córdoba – Tel: 957 47 53 75


jueves 9:00–24:00
viernes 9:00–24:00
sábado 9:00–24:00
domingo 9:00–24:00
lunes 9:00–24:00
martes 9:00–24:00
miércoles 9:00–24:00
This is a very famous restaurante very close to the Mezquita-Catedral that you need to visit some time. They have traditional andalusian food, within a fine classic atmosphere in a Cordobes Patio full of flowers, spanish tiles and wooden carved furniture Windows and decoration.

Restaurante Cuevas romanas – Urbanización La Colina, Calle Las Cuevas, s/n, 14014 Córdoba – Tel: 957 32 43 18


jueves 11:00–16:30, 20:00–24:00
viernes 11:00–16:30, 20:00–24:00
sábado 11:00–16:30, 20:00–24:00
domingo 11:00–16:30
lunes Cerrado
martes 11:00–16:30, 20:00–24:00
miércoles 11:00–16:30, 20:00–24:00
This restaurant located outside of the city center (take a cab here – 10′ ride) was build inside of caves that were build in roman times, it is quite an experience, and not so popular among visitors yet very famous with locals.


Restaurante Rafalete – Calle Diario de Córdoba, 5, 14002 Córdoba – Tel: 957 39 15 73


jueves 12:00–17:00, 20:00–0:30
viernes 12:00–17:00, 20:00–0:30
sábado 12:00–17:00, 20:00–0:30
domingo 12:00–17:00, 20:00–0:30
lunes 12:00–17:00, 20:00–0:30
martes 12:00–17:00, 20:00–0:30
miércoles 12:00–17:00, 20:00–0:30
This is a fun restaurante. It is located in front of the Town Hall (easy to find). It serves traditional cuisine, and has two different lounges, one of them with 19th deco, the other one like a traditional Andalusian «Mesón». The best part is when dinners finish, and the place turns into a «Tablao Flamenco» where you will feel flamenco in your skin.

Mercado de la VictoriaPaseo de la Victoria, S/N, 14004 Córdoba – Tel: 957 29 07 07


Abierto hoy · 10:00–1:00
jueves 10:00–1:00
viernes 10:00–2:00
sábado 10:00–2:00
domingo 10:00–24:00
lunes 10:00–24:00
martes 10:00–24:00
miércoles 10:00–24:00
This is a concept similar to the one you have seen in Madrid at «Mercado San Miguel», where in different stands you can have access to different «delicatesen», the difference is that  it has a fun disco within the premisess that gets quite busy many nights.

Other options are:

Horno San Luis

Patio de la marquesa – A fine traditional cordobán palace.

Taberna casa Salinas  – Next to Puerta del Almodóvar, at the Western End of the walls that surround old Cordoba



Restaurante Las Tinajas – Martínez Campos, 17, 18002 Granada – Tel: 958 25 43 93 –

jueves 13:00–17:00, 20:00–24:00
viernes 13:00–17:00, 20:00–24:00
sábado 13:00–17:00, 20:00–24:00
domingo 13:00–17:00, 20:00–24:00
lunes 13:00–17:00, 20:00–24:00
martes 13:00–17:00, 20:00–24:00
miércoles 13:00–17:00, 20:00–24:00
This a traditional place with local cuisine, famous for its «croquetas de rabo de toro», bull’s tail croquettes…


Restaurante La Ruta del Veleta – Av. de la Sierra Nevada, 146, 18190 Cenes de la Vega – Tel: 958 48 61 34


jueves 13:00–16:30, 20:00–23:30
viernes 13:00–16:30, 20:00–23:30
sábado 13:00–16:30, 20:00–23:30
domingo 13:00–16:30
lunes 13:00–16:30, 20:00–23:30
martes 13:00–16:30, 20:00–23:30
miércoles 13:00–16:30, 20:00–23:30
This restaurant is one o the locals favourites. it is located in the road towards Sierra Nevada (ski slopes and National Park) Take a taxi, about 15′ from city center. It serves a mixture of local dishes with a creative modern touch in a relax atmosphere. You can eat open air in a relaxing natural environment.

Other options not to miss

When in Granada one of the «must do» is to go for «tapas and raciones» around the área of Plaza Nueva. There are many places where the quality of the food in tapas is outsanding, and they will come served together with your «caña» (beer) «vermut» (sweet wine) or any other drink you order.

One of the places you shouldn´t miss is Los Manueles, in the surrounding área there are at least a dozen of tabernas and bars that serve tapas, pay attention to the locals, it is quite easy to find out which are the preferred ones by the amount of people and movement, and follow the suggestions of bar tenders, they tend to offer what’s best of the day.